Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Network Simulator - the Smartest Solution for NMS

The SNMP Simulator was particularly made to help test network managers against a huge number of SNMP based devices. From a manager's point of view SNMP Simulator is a lab filled with a huge number of actual physical devices.

The standard behind SNMP simulation is that the SNMP is an interface that can be simulated. I create a database based on MIB objects that could be form responses to your requirements, so representing any device which supports SNMP. The entire network is modeled inside a personal computer. The simulated lab can be reachable from anywhere on the network, just like a real network.


MIMIC SNMP Simulator creates a virtual test lab that network management applications can be tested against. Usually, in order to test against such networks for software training, testing or development, physical gear had to be separately bought and setup within laboratories. That is really expensive in terms of cost of the devices, maintenance and space. MIMIC Simulator reduces those expenses by simulating the entire production networks.

MIMIC SNMP Network Simulator permits IT personnel to create realistic simulated networks of devices without purchasing any additional hardware, e.g. for testing of NMS applications. MIMIC SNMP Simulator can simulate numerous SNMPv1 or v2c or v3 agents on a single host. Individual simulated device responses can be accessed from anywhere in the network and can easily be customized at runtime by customers.

Gambit Communications is a manufacturer of SNMP based network simulators for simulating network, storage devices and servers. Several networking vendors and enterprises around the world use MIMIC for development, testing, operator training and disaster simulation.

Every corporation has varied needs for their simulation setting. For this purpose Gambit Communication delivers a customization service that can provide various different sizes of the simulator along with the support services. Some examples of the customizations include:

• Custom duplication of the lab or production network
• Generate a Variety of trap storm of variety of alarms and values
• Simulate command line interface for different OSs
• GUI and command line based interface for simulator control
• Simulation of agent communication malfunction


MIMIC SNMP Simulator makes a network of up to 100,000 devices. You can make any SNMP built device with any number of private or public MIBs to run a huge variation of device configurations with your SNMP management app. It allows you generate a lot of traps to simulate disaster scenarios.

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