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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

MIMIC SNMP Simulator – Reduces Set-Up And Maintenance Cost Significantly!

Enterprise-wide Network Management application usually manages several devices and networks from various vendors. To test and execute the application, a lab should set-up with a duplicate of the current and further production environment. This needs set-up, support, maintenance and administration of a lab within the budget constraints. That’s why manufacturers and enterprises turn towards to MIMIC SNMP Simulation for conquering the obstacles and creating a dependable testing and training environment. Let’s have a look at some major benefits of using MIMIC SNMP Simulation.

Instant cost savings:

 MIMIC SNMP simulator• No need to purchase additional laboratory devices (software, agents, hardware). The price factor of lab devices will be decreased significantly.

• Augment existing laboratory devices by running MIMIC along the real equipment. Therefore, rather than purchasing 10 of the similar devices, you can purchase one real appliance and simulate the remaining nine.

• Decreased support expenses for test devices. Instead of supporting different kinds of devices, it’s only essential to support MIMIC on industry standard hardware.

• Enables immediate hypothetical growth settings with minimal extra expenditure. Time could be fast forwarded in MIMIC with just few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Agents could be cloned so easily and this assists in practical future resource planning.

MIMIC SNMP Simulation reduces setup and maintenance cost:

• No require for power supplies, several network connections, etc. physical lab space & infrastructure requirements are decreased hundred fold.

• Energy saving with smaller lab, which means less environment blow.

• No require to set-up WAN links.

Complete testing:

• Now you can test management application with thousands of devicess rather than just one.

• Also you can test multiple editions of every device concurrently

• Configure pathological setting effortlessly in order to examine even the toughest of configurations

MIMIC SNMP SimulationCreate flexible simulation of diverse network:

• You can run MIMIC on several industry standard Intel based computers with an extensive range of network interfaces.

• Run MIMIC in your laptop, and carry your lab anywhere for consumer support and trade shows.

• You can configure MIMIC with several IP address, even on manifold subnets.

• Users can simulate diverse failure symptoms, like network hindrances, packet losses, retransmit, etc.

• Utilize the recording surrounding to set-up existing scenarios effortlessly.

Have complete control on your devices:

• Control the whole set-up, even manifold MIMIC boxes, with 1 remote console.

• Influence limitations at run-time to simulate diverse network conditions.

• Access MIMIC from several workstations that sustains the X Window System.

Have a reliable test environment with MIMIC SNMP Simulation:

• With MIMIC SNMP simulator you don’t require to concern regarding test equipment failures.

• It also decreases the number of choices of failure.

Monday, 23 June 2014

MIMIC IOS Simulator – The Most Productive Tool for IT Students and Professional!

MIMIC offers an affordable means for enterprises, device vendors, management software outsourcers and developers to test, demo, train, develop and endorse management applications without buying equipments & maintaining labs regarding those functions. In fact, MIMIC has the capability to simulate about hundred thousand devices from one workstation. MIMIC simulations could be distributed over multiple platforms for venture simulation testing of even bigger surroundings. MIMIC comprises user friendly wizards for recording larger networks, importing new MIBs, creating device simulation & network topologies, and offers complete support for SNMP v1, v2, v2c, v3, TFTP, DHCP, DOCSIS, Cisco IOS, Telnet, SSH, NetFlow and sFlow.

Cisco_IOS1IOS simulation is beneficial both for network engineers and training providers. A simulation tool like MIMIC IOS Simulator can considerably reinforce Cisco certification & router training program. Furthermore, students will find it productive as a self study device for learning regarding Cisco device administration. With MIMIC IOS Simulator & recorder, Gambit Communication has supplied a productive network simulation collection.

Now management application developer and enterprisers can simulate a comprehensive Cisco network setting. The capability to record real communications with Cisco devices easily broadens the IOS Simulator to a real device and circumstances without any hard workr that generally required with the simulation. Furthermore, MIMIC IOS Simulator could be the most productive tools for IT pros preparing themselves for Cisco certification.

MIMIC IOS Simulator comes with several ready-to-go simulations for Cisco tools, such as the 3640, 6260, 7206, GSR 12000. Furthermore, the MIMIC Simulator supports several Cisco applications such as CiscoWorks, CEMF, CiscoView, CiscoWorks 2000 and few other network management applications.
Also user can test applications utilizing thousands of simulated Cisco IOS commands. Apart from that MIMIC IOS or CLI Recorder enables you to keep the recording of any command as well as simulate it. For your knowledge, most of the MIMIC Virtual Lab products have been made utilizing MIMIC IOS Simulator.

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Find Out How to Create A Dynamic Simulation With MIMIC SNMP Simulator!

MIMIC SNMP Simulator is software that could simulate thousands of SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agents on a single host. Most important thing is, it enables you to save money by creating a large simulated network of devices without buying any extra hardware, for testing or training applications. Individual simulated agent interactions could be easily accessed from any NMS applications and customized at runtime by using user interface.

MIMIC SNMP simulator:
MIMIC Features • Up-to 100,000 simulated agents on a single host
• Graphical User Interface (GUI) and scripting interface for simulator management
• Support for SNMP SET and GET with the capability to set community string
• Hundreds of pre-configured simulated devices for simulating devices from various manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel & others.
• Record & replay SNMP based devices and networks very easily.
• Support for dynamic row creation & deletion
• Comprehensive SNMPv1, v2c & v3 (USM and VACM) support

Create dynamic Simulations with MIMIC SNMP simulator:
MIMIC SNMP agent simulator allows user to create dynamic simulation. The simulator utilizes a range of formulas & arithmetical operations to produce the interesting values which change at run-time, to simulate more authentic behavior.

Distinctive applications of MIMIC SNMP simulator comprise:
• Developers & testers of management applications can perform their responsibilities without help of real hardware. Most importantly, SNMP simulator can perform like true SNMP based device & are more flexible than real devices because simulators data file can be modified effortlessly to simulate diverse cases.
• Sales & training staff could provide live demonstrations without requiring bulky network tools. Complicated networks could be simulated easily in a laptop.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator Seems To Be A Natural Network Simulator!

At this time, the sole means for consumers to assess network management application – from element managers, to framework, to value added apps – is for consumers to create a small test network and test a smaller set of features. However, most consumers do not have widespread setup for test labs on which to evaluate these products – and they might be reluctant to set up them over their manufacture network.

MIMIC’s SNMP Agent Simulator – a natural network simulator:

MIMIC Features Well, SNMP Agent Simulator can supply you good solution in such circumstances. MIMIC with its SNMP agent recording & simulation abilities changes the way you test the networking applications. MIMIC records the network and then use that as a starting point to a replicate and multiply the net-work. The management applications can be evaluated against the virtual network created by MIMIC – a network that is equal to the production network. Then users can assess the application thoroughly. Most importantly, they can evaluate utilizing the replicated network for scalability and pathological condition testing to observe in what way the management application responds. Also they’re able to research with future addition as well as modifications to the network - without the concern of messing up the production network.

Offer a customized and precise assessment of the application:

Using the SNMP Agent Simulator in the simulated setting can deliver users a customized and precise assessment of the application. And a guarantee that the application will work to specifications. There is no more speculations from the user side about if an application will extent to meet your present as well as future requirements – MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator enables you to operate “what if” scenarios with your setup configuration to weigh up the application in probable future situations.

MIMIC’s recording & replication abilities take the guess work out of buying network management application, and adapting the assessment for the consumer. Furthermore, consumers distinguish precisely what to anticipate from the software – and what should not be expected – which should enhance consumer liking after purchase.

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