Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What Can SNMP Do To Manage Your Network ?

So you have decided to get a better grip on your network? Maybe you are looking at establishing some screening. But then you find out you require to configure this thing named SNMP, and that is when the issue start. There’re things to configure that you never have heard of: MIBs, OIDs, traps, polling, informs and versions.

In this article, you’ll get to know the basics, and observe how it can assist you make your network more dependable and simpler to manage.

What is SNMP anyway?

iccnalab-menuSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a standard method of monitoring software and hardware from about any manufacturer, from Cisco to Microsoft. SNMP needs only a couple of essential components to function: a management station & an agent.

First, the management station - It is simply an application that gathers info from your network and shows you status of each managed device. Most of the management stations will ask your network for info on a regular basis. Management stations range from very simple to extremely difficult.

Usually, simple software is feature-limited, but can be avail freely and effortless to configure. At the same time, complex software can handle your total network and give you a full control. Also, they’ll perform things such as generate reports, do inventory, and send SMS or email alerts when systems fall short.

What Simple Network Management Protocol can do?

SNMP is extremely simple, yet very effective. It has the capability to help you handle your entire network by:

• Offer read or writer capabilities – for instance, you could employ it to reconfigure IP address or set thresholds.

• Collect error accounts into a log, helpful for troubleshooting & recognizing trends.

• Collect info on how much bandwidth is being utilized

• Email an alert when your servers’ disk space is low.

• Monitor the CPU & memory use of your server, alert when thresholds are surpassed.

• Passive SNMP simulator devices can send alerts to monitoring station on fault conditions and help you test your management station.

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