Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What is Network Monitoring?

The term network management and network monitoring are both often utilized in IT (Information Technology) industry. So what is network monitoring? Well, network monitoring refers to the practice of control function of a computer network employing specialized management tools. Network monitoring programs are employed to make sure accessibility and overall performance of hosts and network services. Typically, these systems are used on large-scale corporate and university IT networks.

Key aspects in network monitoring:

netflow_sim_constant1A network monitoring software is capable of spotting and reporting malfunction of devices or connections. Normally, it measures the CPU utilization of computers, the network bandwidth use of links, and other features of operation. Often it will send messages over the network to each host to make sure if it is responding to requests. When malfunctions, insufficiently slow reaction, or other unanticipated behaviour is spotted, these systems send supplementary messages named “alerts” to selected locations such as an email address, a management server or a telephone number to inform system administrators.

MIMIC NetFlow Simulator:

MIMIC NetFlow Simulator creates a lab full of devices based on Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, and sFlow data to completely evaluate and test your Flow monitoring, management and analysis applications. Also, MIMIC Network Simulator tool allows developers to perform real world, integrated device simulations. The most common uses of MIMIC NetFlow Simulator are in development and testing, evaluation, trade shows, sales demos and training environments.

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