Monday, 5 October 2015

Simulating a Bad Network Connection using an IOS simulator

Network simulation is a technique where a program models the behavior of network elements by getting the interaction between different network hosts using mathematical formulas. It can also be capturing and playing back observations from a production network. After simulation of the network is done, the network applications and services can interest with simulated devices in a test lab. Here various attributed of the environment are modified in a controlled manner to assess how the network would behave under various pathological conditions.

Network simulators
The behavior of a computer network is predicted by a network simulator. They are used where communication networks are complex and makes it expensive from time and budget point of view. A network simulator models devices, interfaces and links. Its performance can be easily analyzed.

What is an IOS Simulator?
An IOS simulator is an application used to test management application against network full of Cisco devices. It typically fully supports Cisco IOS® software and SNMPv1, v2, v2c, v3. You can simulate a large network with up to 100,000 devices in a single workstation, and an unlimited number of devices by distributing the simulator over multiple workstations. You can access devices using Telnet, SSH and SNMP. Changes made using one protocol is reflected in other.

You can test applications using hundreds of simulated Cisco IOS commands. Along with that simulator’s CLI/IOS Recorder allows you to record any command and simulate it. That way, you can simulate virtually any command and any device.

You can use the simulator for testing of management application or training for a certification.

You can also use it for your capacity planning and preaparing for disastrous network conditions.

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