Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stimulating Network Devices Using SNMP Simulator

A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Simulator is a type of a networking device simulation used to create a large virtual network. The SNMP simulator acts as an interface of a system for a Network Management Application software. It is different from network emulators which models the behavior of a network.

SNMP Simulator |Gambit Communications Inc 

The SNMP simulator works as interlink. Take an example of a flight simulator which allows a pilot to believe he is flying a plane; the SNMP Simulator works the same way. It fools network applications into believing it is talking through the SNMP protocol to real devices. These types of simulators have several uses which include development, testing, support and training of network management system.

If you are an IT personnel, and you are looking to build a duplicate of your production network without buying additional hardware, SNMP Simulator is your solution. For those who are evaluating network management applications, SNMP simulation will help. There are tools that are capable of simulating multiple SNMP agents on a single host using multi-netting. Simulator make it easy to record the existing network and duplicate it. That simulated network then can be modified or multiplied as needed.

SNMP simulation |Gambit Communications Inc 

When you are looking to simulate a network using an SNMP Simulator, the first step is to check the system requirements. SNMP Agent Simulator requires a 32 and 64 bit Windows or Linux distributions like Fedora, SuSE, RedHat and Debian etc. using i386 and x64 architectures. More CPUS, memory and disk space you have better the performance you will get. Then follow the simple installation steps and you are ready to get started. Typically the simulator include many ready simulated devices so you can already put it to use

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