Monday, 4 April 2016

Gambit Communications: Effective Simulation Products

Simulator tools are highly efficient software that can be used to increase the productivity of the employees and enhance their performance. Gambit Communications is one of the leading firms that provide high functioning network simulation software which has helped a wide range of customers including enterprises, software developers, device vendors and outsourcers at an affordable price. The tools are used for simulating networking devices, servers and storage devices. The MIMIC Simulation Suite, designed by Gambit Communications, consists of SNMP Simulator, NetFlow, Web, IOS, IPMI, JUNOS, IPFIX Simulators , is used to create a virtual site that contains a large number of devices.


Gambit Communications started its operation in 1995 and launched one of the most powerful virtual simulators, the MIMIC Simulator in 1997. As of now, the simulator is being used by several enterprises for development, testing, training and simulation of disasters as well. The networking and simulating solutions offered by Gambit are client-centric and reduce other technical costs. The NetFlow Simulator, Telnet/SSH, Redfish and other such simulators that have multiple uses are specially designed to fulfill the clients needs.

The SNMP Simulator can be used to create an array of 100,000 devices that can be managed by SNMP. One can select from a wide variety of private or public MIBs to replicate the desired device configuration. It can also be used to simulate several disaster scenarios. Each device has its own IP address and configuration can be carried out at run-time as well. The Discovery Wizard can be used to record your test labs with numerous devices and simulate and multiply them as well. The MIB Wizard can compile multiple MIBs at the same time. The simulator is supported across various platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris and Amazon Cloud.

Another effective simulator in the MIMIC suite is the NetFlow Simulator that can be used to test Flow monitoring, analysis, collector and management applications. It generates a wide range of flows to ensure a thorough analysis of the applications. The simulation of the flow includes configuring NetFlow devices according to specific functions, correlating of traffic from various ports, traffic generation, customizing simulations, multiple destinations and changing values from SNMP to NetFlow and vie-versa. This simulator can be used trade show demonstrations, sales demos, trainings, developing and testing. This is also supported on multiple platforms.


Gambit Communications also offers several training courses that can be availed online. The two courses cover introduction and advanced training to the MIMIC Simulator. Apart from these, the firm also has several partner programs that are designed to meet sales, technical and marketing needs of the clients. These include referral programs, marketing and collaborative programs, marketing tools/assistance, technical training and support, branding opportunities etc. One can also download MIMIC products for an evaluation. Numerous case studies describing the solutions provided by the firm to clients are also available.

Over the years, Gambit Communications have provided their services to hardware manufacturers like Ericsson, Cisco, and Avaya; software vendors like CA, Hewlett-Packard and IBM and other leading brands like Lockheed Martin, Accenture, Vodafone, Verizone, Visa, Shell etc. The numerous awards and customer testimonials are a proof of the firm’s high quality solutions.

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