Friday, 20 June 2014

Find Out How to Create A Dynamic Simulation With MIMIC SNMP Simulator!

MIMIC SNMP Simulator is software that could simulate thousands of SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agents on a single host. Most important thing is, it enables you to save money by creating a large simulated network of devices without buying any extra hardware, for testing or training applications. Individual simulated agent interactions could be easily accessed from any NMS applications and customized at runtime by using user interface.

MIMIC SNMP simulator:
MIMIC Features • Up-to 100,000 simulated agents on a single host
• Graphical User Interface (GUI) and scripting interface for simulator management
• Support for SNMP SET and GET with the capability to set community string
• Hundreds of pre-configured simulated devices for simulating devices from various manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel & others.
• Record & replay SNMP based devices and networks very easily.
• Support for dynamic row creation & deletion
• Comprehensive SNMPv1, v2c & v3 (USM and VACM) support

Create dynamic Simulations with MIMIC SNMP simulator:
MIMIC SNMP agent simulator allows user to create dynamic simulation. The simulator utilizes a range of formulas & arithmetical operations to produce the interesting values which change at run-time, to simulate more authentic behavior.

Distinctive applications of MIMIC SNMP simulator comprise:
• Developers & testers of management applications can perform their responsibilities without help of real hardware. Most importantly, SNMP simulator can perform like true SNMP based device & are more flexible than real devices because simulators data file can be modified effortlessly to simulate diverse cases.
• Sales & training staff could provide live demonstrations without requiring bulky network tools. Complicated networks could be simulated easily in a laptop.

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